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I'm Okbay Feza.
I have been dealing with sports betting professionally for about 20 years.
In this process, I worked on many forecasting sites. (Betadvisor,blogabet)
I follow all the professional leagues in Turkey closely.
I place my bets within a certain system.
I suggest my predictions from Asian market(Pinnacle,Sbobet,Singbet)
Other than these bookies, I don't use local markets much.
The most important thing for me is that any prediction I propose has to be a worthwhile bet.

If you want to earn very good money in the long run, follow me.



I am Iman Power, 48 years old and living in Istanbul. I have been following basketball and betting for 17 years. I work with to help other punters using my basketball knowledge and experience.

I share predictions for basketball matches every week. I make my predictions using my basketball knowledge and experience, as well as statistics and analysis.

I hope my experience helps other bookies and gives them more profit.

Kind regards,

All Bets Free Until August 31st

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